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Magic Walk at The Valley of The Saints

Magic and legendary

Are you looking for a unusual sunday walk in Brittany ? The Valley of The Saints is the perfect place to discover the culture of Brittany.


Vallee_Saint_BretagneThere are many saints and legends in Brittany’s culture. Most of them are not well-known but should definitely be. An assocation created in 2008 the Valley of Saints to highlight Brittany’s culture thanks to saints statues. In 50 years, there would be up to 1 000 main saints statues.

Each statue costs approximately 13 000 euros. Most of them are sponsored and everyone can sponsor them. There are made in granite and 4 meters high. These statues are looking over the Poher area. A wonderful landscape !



The last time I went there, there were 63 statues (February 2016). The Valley of Saints has a outstanding panoramic view over the Poher area. It is an ideal postion to see the Arrées hills and what are called “The Black Mountains“. Good weather is better to enjoy it all !

What I do like from this walk is that there is not only one way to do it. You can wander whereever you want on the hill. You can admire all the statues et discover the different legends. It is a good sunday walk and a relaxing time.

Vallee_Saint_Bretagne Vallee_Saint_Bretagne


  Quénéquillec, 22160 Carnoët
  Open every day

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